clothesline, Santo Amaro, Pico, Azores clothesline, Santo Amaro, Pico, Azores "...but first I pass"itisallwordlessandanthemsfuckinganthemsmakeyoutiredofpassingalwaysandhowtoforgetthisnausea.

(The cabin; by the stern windows; Ahab sitting alone, and gazing out.)

"Is, then, the crown too heavy that I wear? this Iron Crown of Lombardy. Yet is it bright with many a gem; I, the wearer, see not its far flashings; but darkly feel that I wear that, that dazzlingly confounds. 'Tis iron - that I know - not gold. 'Tis split, too - that I feel; the jagged edge galls me so, my brain seems to beat against the solid metal; aye, steel skull, mine; the sort that needs no helmet in the most brain-battering fight!" ch37